‘Get Ready’ Series – 1st Sailing – January 25 – February 1, 2024

GET READY for The Smooth Jazz Cruise '24.1

The Smooth Jazz Cruise ’24.1 sails in January! Trust us, Embarkation Day will be here sooner than you think. The Get Ready process began on June 20, 2023 with the first letter to you in the Get Ready correspondence sequence. A copy of that letter may be found on The Smooth Jazz Cruise website under the heading, Booked Guests.

This 2nd letter provides you with your Celebrity Cruises’ Reservation Number which enables you to access your Pre-Cruise Planner and to make purchases and reservations that you will use on the cruise. Doing that now will save you time and, in most instances, some money.

Please note that your Celebrity Cruises’ Reservation Number is different from your Jazz Cruises Reservation Number. The first is your key to interacting with the ship, Celebrity Summit. The second is your reference when contacting the office, particularly about the details of your reservation.

Okay, ready to move forward? Our note is intended to be self-explanatory, but feel free to contact the office either by phone (844-616-6279) or email ([email protected]) with any questions you may have. It is our job to make your cruise amazing.

Michael Lazaroff
Executive Director, Jazz Cruises, LLC


GUEST NAME(S): See Reservation Confirmation

With the issuance of your Celebrity Cruises’ Reservation Number, guests on The Smooth Jazz Cruise may now begin purchasing a variety of onboard amenities, including Internet Plans, Beverage Packages, Shore Excursions, Spa Treatments, Photo Packages and more through Celebrity Cruises’ Pre-Cruise Planner, before even boarding the ship.

Jazz Cruises and Celebrity Cruises have worked together to offer special discounts on Beverage and Wi-Fi Packages for those guests who complete their purchases BEFORE sailing. These discounts (noted below) will expire on January 22, 2024 and require no special procedure as they are loaded into Celebrity’s Pre-Cruise Planner.

Packages will be offered onboard the ship. The prices will be higher and completing this process on the ship will require appearing at various locations as there is no central place for purchasing. Jazz Cruises urges you to complete this process now in the comfort of your office or living room.

Please note: Specialty Restaurants are not yet open for booking in the Pre-Cruise Planner. We will notify you as soon as they become available to book.


  • Click here to access Celebrity Cruises Pre-Cruise Planner.
    • Select Create An Account if it is your first time using this platform.
    • Select Sign In if you have utilized Celebrity Cruises’ Pre-Cruise Planner or checked-in online for a previous sailing.
  • Click Plan My Cruise to view and begin your Celebrity Cruises purchases.

Please note: Celebrity Cruises has recently updated some of their stateroom names and types. You may see it reflected under Manage Reservation. As always, please refer to The Smooth Jazz Cruise website for the complete listing of charter specific stateroom names and amenities.

Your “Celebrity Cruises’ Reservation Number” is also needed to complete your online check-in procedure which becomes available 45 days prior to sailing. We will be sure to notify you in a future communication when the Celebrity Cruises online check-in process opens.


Celebrity Cruises has a dedicated team to assist with any questions that you might have on their Pre-Cruise Planner. They can be reached at 844-278-9746.


We will continue to provide you with more information to help you prepare for The Smooth Jazz Cruise ’24.1 in the coming weeks and months. This will include everything from how you board the ship, specialty dining options onboard, Theme Nights, showtimes, and much, much more. In the meantime, we highly suggest reviewing our Booked Guests portal on the website.

GET READY #3 for The Smooth Jazz Cruise '24

Welcome to the 3rd letter in Jazz Cruises' Get Ready series preparing you for sailing on The Smooth Jazz Cruise '24. If you missed either of the first two letters, or wish to refer to them again, copies may be found on The Smooth Jazz Cruise '24 website (www.thesmoothjazzcruise.com) under the heading "Booked Guests".

The earlier letters were filled with important information about documentation and other technical and procedural aspects of boarding the ship and sailing. This letter is simply about food! Did you know that cruises are famous for providing tons of food! That is a joke, of course, but, on our Celebrity Summit, not only will the food be abundant, it will be wonderful and your choices of what, when and where to eat will be plentiful as well.

As is the case for all cruise activities, it is important to understand your choices before you board the ship. Ready to take a culinary tour of The Smooth Jazz Cruise ’24?

Bon Appetit!

Michael Lazaroff
Executive Director, Jazz Cruises, LLC

The Smooth Jazz Cruise Dining Schedule

Celebrity Cruises is consistently recognized for the quality of its dining and food service. Dining choices on the ship are divided between Included Dining and Specialty Dining Restaurants. The variety of options should encourage you to try new foods and preparations. If you are not pleased with any aspect of your meal, you can freely and easily make another choice. This is part of the cruise experience!

Being able to enjoy dining on the ship, particularly the evening meal, is an important element of the programming of The Smooth Jazz Cruise. The Nightly Main Shows are scheduled in a way to allow ample time to have dinner in one of the many restaurants on the ship in a leisurely and enjoyable manner opposite your showtime. See below for more information. 

Your Dining Choices


“Included Dining” are the restaurants and dining experiences that are part of the price of your reservation. Celebrity Cruises offers many different restaurants and dining experiences under the Included Dining program.

  • The Cosmopolitan Restaurant (Main Dining Room). The Cosmopolitan Restaurant is a two-deck grand dining room with one side being entirely glass allowing for breathtaking views of the seas and brilliant lighting. Recently refurbished, The Cosmopolitan Restaurant serves a full breakfast every morning and a beautiful dinner every night. Lunch is also available on Days at Sea.
    • Breakfasts include your choice of entrees including omelets, Eggs Benedict,   pancakes, waffles and all the meats, bread products and pastries that accompany a full breakfast.
    • For lunch, you may choose from an array of healthy options as well as the daily pasta, specialty hamburgers and soups.
    • The entrees for dinner are different every night, but each menu includes fish, meat, chicken, and vegetarian selections. If you prefer, there are entrees, such as steak and salmon, that are offered every night. Wonderful appetizers, salads, soups and a stunning array of desserts are offered each night.
  • Ocean View Café. Located on the pool deck, the Ocean View Café is more than a station-by-station self-serve restaurant. The options are endless and the entrees and offerings mirror that of the main dining room in most cases. The Ocean View Café serves breakfast, brunch, lunch, afternoon snacks, dinner, and late-night fare. Pizza, pasta, sandwiches, and sweets are available until the wee hours for those jazz fans looking to wind down after an evening of music.
    • There is seating inside the Ocean View Café or just outside of the Aft portion, also known as The Sunset Bar. Don’t tell anyone, but having a drink during sunset at The Sunset Bar is one of the most memorable aspects of any cruise.
  • Pool GrillThe name says it all. You can almost smell the hamburgers, hot dogs, fries, and fixings that are part of the daily fare. As you might expect, those fun foods taste even better when you are on the ship. For The Smooth Jazz Cruise, we sometimes open the Pool Grill later in the evening as well and it can serve as a locale for some special events.
  • Spa Café and Juice BarLocated in the Solarium on the forward section of the Pool Deck, as the name suggests, healthy and organic foods are offered for breakfast and lunch here. The offerings are beautiful to look at and you can learn what every ingredient is, how the item is prepared and what the caloric and nutritional counts are.


Looking for a special dining experience, a place to celebrate, or just something different? Celebrity Cruises offers an array of themed restaurants that (for an upcharge) offer items not generally offered in the Included Dining venues, as well as an atmosphere and aura consistent with the concept of the venue.

  • Tuscan Grille. Italian fare with a modern twist has been the mission of Tuscan Grille from its inception. Perhaps the most well-known and beloved restaurant concept of Celebrity Cruises, it is the perfect place for those with hearty appetites and discerning palates.
  • Sushi on Five. Another very popular alternative restaurant, offering Pan-Asian Cuisine (a la carte pricing) every afternoon and evening. Carryout meals are offered and make a great takeaway for dining on a veranda or outside deck.
  • Le Petit Chef at Qsine. Located on Deck 11 Midship, Qsine is a beautiful setting for dinner and is the home for Le Petit Chef, a gourmet dining experience complete with an ingenious and playful animated presentation. Even the most travel savvy guests will have their phones out filming the show.
  • Luminae. Looking for that quiet place to enjoy a truly gourmet dinner in an elegant and stylish setting? Luminae is your choice. The menu is not expansive, but the selections change every day. Jazz Cruises highly recommends that you enjoy at least one dinner in Luminae.
    • Please note: Online reservations for Luminae will be available in a few days.
  • Jazz Cruises’ Chops House: Jazz Cruises’ Chops House, a traditional steakhouse concept initiated by Jazz Cruises, returns for the '24 sailings season. This year located each evening in Blu Restaurant, Jazz Cruises' Chops House will feature all your favorite steakhouse classics. (For more information, see below.)

Reservations for any of these Specialty Restaurants can be made online via Celebrity Cruises Pre-Cruise Planner. Simply login to your Celebrity Cruises account and start making your plans now!

Back by Popular Demand; Jazz Cruises' Chops House

In 2023, Jazz Cruises’ worked with Celebrity Cruises to bring our guests Jazz Cruises’ Chops House, a traditional steakhouse with many of your favorite dishes that you’ve come to expect in a classic steakhouse. We were only able to operate this concept on three nights during The Smooth Jazz Cruise ‘23, and the restaurant was fully booked from open to close. For the '24 sailing, we have worked with Celebrity Cruises to offer this restaurant every night of the cruise and moved the concept to a larger location to accommodate more guests.

The Jazz Cruises’ Chops House will now operate each evening in the Blu Restaurant (Deck 5, Aft). When booking Jazz Cruises’ Chops House on Celebrity’s Pre-Cruise Planner, you will need to book a reservation in the Blu Restaurant, but it will unfortunately not indicate Jazz Cruises’ Chops House. While Celebrity’s online system cannot be altered to identify the special restaurant, rest assured that the menu onboard will reflect what you loved from last year.

Please Note: Blu Restaurant operates as originally programmed for breakfast.

Evening Dining at The Cosmopolitan Restaurant

As stated above, The Cosmopolitan Restaurant (Decks 4 & 5) is the main dining room for Included Dining for dinner. The Cosmopolitan Restaurant is open each evening from 5:15 pm–8:30 pm and operates as both an open seating venue and by reservation. Most guests will enjoy dinner in The Cosmopolitan Restaurant several times during the week.

With this level of attendance, we have special dining procedures just for The Cosmopolitan Restaurant.


Guests in open seating of The Cosmopolitan Restaurant (Deck 4) will proceed to the dining room in accordance with their “BLUE” or “RED” show designation. This selection was made at the time of your reservation and will be reflected in the background color of your Cruise Identification Card which will be at the door of your stateroom upon boarding the ship.

Guests with BLUE Cruise Identification Cards will attend the 1st Main Show which usually runs from 5:15 pm-7:15 pm. Following the conclusion of their show, guests may either proceed to The Cosmopolitan Restaurant for a 7:30 pm entry or pause to have a drink or enjoy one of the shows around the ship, thus avoiding peak traffic time entering the restaurant. Entry to The Cosmopolitan Restaurant is open until 8:30 pm.

Guests with RED Cruise Identification Cards will attend the 2nd Main Show each night. Guests with RED Cruise Identification Cards may enter the dining room between 5:15 pm–6:00 pm. To prepare the restaurant for guests attending the 1st Main Show, we ask that guests adjourn from the restaurant no later than 7:15 pm. The 2nd Main Show will start at 8:45 pm.


As stated above, dinner reservations are not required for dining at The Cosmopolitan Restaurant but it is the best way to avoid waiting to be assigned a table each night. We also recognize that some of our guests prefer to dine at the same time, at the same table, with the same passengers and with the same waiter each evening. Reserving a table in advance allows you to do this. 

To secure a reservation and to register the names of your dining group, if applicable, email us at [email protected] and provide the guest names and desired time (5:15 pm for RED Cruise Identification Card Holders or 7:30 pm for BLUE Cruise Identification Card Holders) for your dining group.

There is no charge for reserving a table and dining time, we just ask that you make your request prior to November 18, 2023.


As discussed in earlier letters, Celebrity Cruises’ “Pre-Cruise Planner” platform is open for guests on The Smooth Jazz Cruise ‘24, allowing you to book a variety of shipboard amenities including Spa Treatments, Shore Excursions, Internet Packages, Photo Packages and much more.

This same process will be used to purchase Beverage Packages and make reservations for the various Specialty (Upcharge) Dining choices.


Room Service is always available. Order Cards for breakfast are placed in your stateroom and, if completed by 11:00 pm the evening before, your breakfast will be delivered as ordered. A complete Room Service menu is available in every stateroom and most entrees served in the main dining room are available as well. The cost for using Room Service is $9.95 per order.

For many guests, breakfast delivered by room service is an integral part of the cruise experience and Celebrity Cruises executes the program very well. Yet, in our opinion, we believe that guests will enjoy their meal more when dining in one of the venues. The distance from the kitchen to the staterooms and the number of orders on one delivery cart can be significant, resulting in time gaps between plating and delivery that often adversely impact the quality and temperature of most food items.


Celebrity Cruises endeavors to address any special considerations of its guests, and are accustomed to accommodation special dietary restrictions within their normal operating menus (i.e. vegetarian, gluten free, etc.). If you have additional special dietary considerations, you will need to discuss these needs with the Celebrity Cruises Access Department at 1-866-592-7225 or [email protected]. Please submit your requests no later than November 18, 2023.


We will continue to provide you with more information to help you prepare for The Smooth Jazz Cruise ’24 in the coming weeks and months. This will include everything from how you board the ship, Theme Nights, showtimes, online check-in, and much, much more. In the meantime, we highly suggest reviewing our Booked Guests portal on the website.

GET READY #4 for The Smooth Jazz Cruise '24

Welcome to Get Ready #4, the fourth notice in Jazz Cruises’ Get Ready series preparing you for your sailing on The Smooth Jazz Cruise ’24.1 or ’24.2. If you missed any of the first three letters, or wish to refer to them again, copies may be found on The Smooth Jazz Cruise ’24 website (www.thesmoothjazzcruise.com) under the heading “Booked Guests”.

So far, we have talked about the details of your reservation, how you access your Celebrity Cruises Pre-Cruise Planner and your dining choices for the cruise. This letter will be the one that you will read the most!  We are going to discuss all the events and shows that will be presented on the cruise. Let’s talk music!

Michael Lazaroff
Executive Director, Jazz Cruises, LLC


Since its first sailing in 2004, The Smooth Jazz Cruise has proudly presented the very best Jazz musicians in the world and provided guests with around-the-clock music at sea. Below are the components that make this experience so special.

Music is Presented in Both Main Shows and Festival Style

  • Nightly Main Shows ("Main Shows"). The Celebrity Theatre on the ship comfortably holds 50% of our guests. Guests are divided into two groups for attending the Main Shows. Guests with BLUE Cruise Identification Cards attend the 1st Show each night and those with RED Cruise Identification Cards attend the 2nd Show. This choice was made by the Guest upon completing their reservation and is reflected in either a BLUE or RED background on their Cruise Identification Card.
    • 1st Main Show (BLUE GUESTS). Around 5:15 pm, BLUE GUESTS attend the 1st Main Show, while RED GUESTS enjoy dinner at one of the Included or Specialty Restaurants.
    • 2nd Main Show (RED GUESTS). The 1st Main Show ends around 7:30 pm after which BLUE GUESTS have dinner. At approximately 8:45 pm, RED GUESTS may attend the 2nd Main Show.
    • Main Show Content. Every Main Show is performed twice, once for BLUE GUESTS and once for RED GUESTS. At the discretion of the performer, those two shows may occur on the same night or on separate nights. Regardless, each guest will be able to see all 7 Main Shows.
    • Seating Procedure for Main Shows. The general rule for seating is first-come, first-served. To provide fair, safe, and equal access to the events, we do have rules and procedures that all guests must follow regarding entering the Celebrity Theatre, saving seats, remaining in your seat for subsequent shows and other similar issues. As we approach the sailing date for The Smooth Jazz Cruise '24.1 & ’24.2, we will share with you those rules and procedures. 
  • Festival Style Shows & Events. The Smooth Jazz Cruise utilizes several venues throughout the ship for music, interviews, parties, game shows and other events. These venues include the Sky Lounge, Rendezvous Lounge, Pool Area, Foyer and we convert the Cosmopolitan Restaurant each night and in the afternoon on Days at Sea into a cabaret-style Jazz club and event center.
    • Festival Style. All shows, interviews, game shows and events on The Smooth Jazz Cruise, even shows presented in the Celebrity Theatre, other than the Main Shows, are presented “festival style”. Several shows may take place at any given time. You may elect to attend as few or as many of those shows as you wish.
    • Seating Procedure for all Non-Main Shows. The designation of BLUE GUEST and RED GUEST only applies to Main Shows. All other shows, interviews, game shows and events are open to all guests and seating is on a first-come, first-served basis. Again, we will share with you the rules and procedures that govern seating at all shows and events later. 

First Class Sound & Production

The most talented performers will not sound their best if the systems and production elements are not first class. From Jazz Cruises’ first sailing in 2001 and The Smooth Jazz Cruise’s first sailing in 2004, we have used all available resources and professional abilities to make sure that we were presenting your music in the best possible manner. Our equipment is first class, and we have a large and highly skilled technical staff under the guidance of Production Manager, Brian Rachko.

Recording of Shows

Flash photography and audio/video recording of shows is strictly prohibited. Non-flash photos may be taken provided that doing so does not impair the sightline of any guest or the performance.

Engaging The Performers

One of the joys of The Smooth Jazz Cruise is the opportunity to interact with the performers. They enjoy the discourse unless they are performing. Please do not engage performers immediately before or after their performances and never do so in a manner that impairs our ability to prepare for their show and any show that follows. The Smooth Jazz Cruise is operated on a precise time schedule and our team needs full access to the bandstand and the venue before and after each show.



Daily/Nightly Themes

Thursday – Welcome to The Smooth Jazz Cruise: On the first night, we welcome back Past Guests and say hello to New Guests with The Smooth Jazz Cruise Welcome Show! 

Friday – Jersey Night: Always a fan favorite, Jersey Night is your opportunity to “rep” your favorite sports team, school, event, or cause. Make a statement! For Past Guests, we are suggesting a slight twist in your recommended attire. Wear a vintage T-Shirt from a past sailing of The Smooth Jazz Cruise. If you are like most of us, you have some that are being used as pajama tops…no worries, we grade on sincerity, not style.

Saturday – Black & White: By dressing this evening in either Black, White or both, the guests salute the universal nature of our music as well as being a fitting tribute to the piano. Plus it is fun to do so!  

Sunday – Ladies Night: No special attire is required tonight. Instead, we will be saluting the Ladies of Jazz and the Ladies on the ship as guests. Though the “man’s world” theme is losing its meaning, a full-on tribute to Ladies has become a Jazz Cruises’ tradition. Hey, Jazz Cruises was founded by a woman 23 years ago!

Monday – Breezin’ Night: It is a Sailaway evening with big doings around the ship, so don your beachwear, dust off that flower shirt you hide in your closet and select whatever pair of sandals you favor. It is Caribbean Island time!

Tuesday – Platinum (20th) Anniversary Night: Put on your finest and come out to salute the 20th Anniversary of The Greatest Party at Sea. Evening wear for women and jackets for men. No black tie or gowns are required. Just something you would wear out to a fine dining experience.

Wednesday – Thank You Night: As we head for Miami having spent a full week immersed in the world of Jazz, we take time to salute the international reach of Jazz and the folks who are fans throughout the world. It is difficult to identify any other music genre that can claim such a wide appeal.

Autographs / Recording Signins

Performers are encouraged to bring recordings onto the cruise for sale in the Jazz Cruises’ store. Those who do so are usually happy to sign the products either informally or at a scheduled signing event. Seeking autographs at a performance venue either immediately before or after a show is discouraged. As we get closer to the cruise sailing dates, we will provide more information about autographs and signings.

Talent Hosted Events Onboard

Many of the performers will be participating in scheduled Talent Hosted Events (THEs) during the cruise. These events include Wine Tastings, Martini Making and Cooking Demonstrations. These events typically require paid admission, but they are a wonderful way to have a more intimate exchange with the performers.


For many guests, attending the interview of a special performer is one of the highlights of the cruise. It is exciting to learn more about the individuals performing our music and to understand the road they journeyed to have successful careers is a rare treat. On The Smooth Jazz Cruise ’24, these interviews are conducted by either a fellow performer as the host or by industry icon, Talaya. We have found that the rapport between and among performers and Talaya is special and so, too, are their interviews when it is just them talking.

Game Shows

There is a line in The Godfather where a movie mogul tells the Corleone attorney that “no one makes him look ridiculous.” The man wakes up the next morning with a horse head in his bed. We will be engaging our performers in some fun game shows intended to make you laugh. Whether they wind up looking ridiculous is up to them. Of course, no one will wake up with an equine partner. After all, when was the last time you saw a horse on a cruise?

Opening Act

Every year, one guest is chosen to perform as part of our All-Star Show. Contestants will participate in several rounds of competition after which one winner will be selected. The first two rounds will be judged by the audience, and the final round is judged by the very artists you have been watching on stage for the week. The winner will open both shows in the Celebrity Theatre. Nowhere else in the world do you have the opportunity to perform for the incredible musicians and for over 2,000 fans of Smooth Jazz music. We will share with you the complete details and sign-up procedures closer to the cruise. 

Military / Heroes Event

For many years, The Smooth Jazz Cruise has held a special event for all Current/Retired Military, First Responders and Health Care Service Men and Women. We will share complete details and sign-up information closer to the cruise.



There are frequently asked questions about the cruise. For a more extensive list of questions and answers, check out FAQs on the website (www.thesmoothjazzcruise.com/booked-guests).

Cruise Attire

To help simplify your packing list, our dress code is Casual Evening Attire for most nights aboard the ship (i.e., slacks, collared shirts, khakis, skirts, dresses, etc.). There is one evening during our cruise, when Upscale Evening Attire is suggested. Suits and sport coats for men, and "evening out" attire for women are appropriate. 


Other than drink service charges and Specialty Dining, all tips for servers, cabin stewards, etc. have been pre-paid. However, feel free to reward exemplary service with the internationally recognized sign of gratitude: "tipping." Celebrity's standard tipping policy does not apply to this charter.


Cigarette, cigar, and pipe smoking is permitted in designated outdoor areas of the ship. Smoking is not permitted in any dining venue, casino, theater, lounge, hallway, elevator, or corridor. This policy includes smoking-like products such as electronic cigarettes. Smoking is not permitted inside any stateroom, nor on any stateroom veranda. If you are in violation of this policy, a cleaning fee of $250 USD will be applied to your onboard account and you may be subject to further action pursuant to the "Consequences Section" of the Guest Conduct Policy. Cigarettes, cigars, and pipe tobacco must be properly disposed of and never thrown overboard. 

What Food & Beverage Items May I Bring Onto The Ship?

On Embarkation Day, guests are welcome to hand carry any bottled water, soda, and other non-alcoholic beverages, as well as one bottle of wine (750 ml) per adult of drinking age. Guests are only permitted to bring dry, nonperishable snack food items (cookies, crackers, chips, energy bar, etc.) onboard.



Guests reserving a stateroom on a Jazz Cruises’ program are doing so pursuant to the terms and conditions established by Jazz Cruises. Celebrity Cruises operates several ships and hundreds of sailings each year and it has rules that apply to those sailings, some of which have been adopted by Jazz Cruises and some of which have not. Recently, Celebrity Cruises renamed the stateroom categories, probably for marketing purposes. Since the new names do not reflect any change in the stateroom itself, Jazz Cruises has elected to continue using the same stateroom categories we have used since our first sailing on Celebrity Cruises in 2017.

Issues such as stateroom amenities, dining preferences, upgrade policies and more are treated differently by Celebrity Cruises and Jazz Cruises. Our procedures are tailored to meet the needs of our guests and our programs. Many of our procedures are more expansive than that of Celebrity Cruises and some are more stringent. Of course, even as a charterer of the ship, Jazz Cruises may not in any way compromise or alter issues that deal with the safety of the cruise and the passengers.

Guests have found that this disparity in procedures may result in receiving inaccurate information when contacting Celebrity Cruises about a cruise matter. Other than purchasing services and goods through your Celebrity Cruises’ Cruise Planner and the steps needed to be undertaken to complete your Online Registration, it is better to contact Jazz Cruises, either by telephone or email, with your questions.

Please remember, you are sailing on a Jazz Cruises program which is being held on a Celebrity Cruises ship that Jazz Cruises has chartered. Jazz Cruises is the best source of information about the cruise whether the policy in question has been decided by Celebrity Cruises or Jazz Cruises.



The items below have been presented and discussed in detail in prior Get Ready Letters. We are repeating them as some are time sensitive and most are important steps for you to take before sailing. Again, past Get Ready Letters may be located under the BOOKED GUESTS tab on The Smooth Jazz Cruise website (www.thesmoothjazzcruise.com).

  • Passport. Every guest should have a current passport that expires no earlier than 6 months after the disembarkation date of their cruise.
  • Confirmation Numbers.  Each guest has two confirmation numbers, one from Jazz Cruises and one from Celebrity Cruises.  You can confirm those numbers by reviewing your cruise confirmation. Your Jazz Cruises’ Confirmation Number is used when communicating with our office about the details of your reservation, payment plans, T-Shirt sizes, and any other aspect of the cruise that Jazz Cruises controls. Your Celebrity Cruises Confirmation Number is used when you complete your online check-in (45 days or so before sailing) and for purchases you wish to make before sailing through your Celebrity Cruises Pre-Cruise Planner.
  • Beverage and Internet Packages. Jazz Cruises and Celebrity Cruises have worked together to offer special discounts on Beverage and Wi-Fi Packages for those guests who complete their purchases BEFORE sailing. These discounts will expire on January 22, 2024. To access the Celebrity Cruises Pre-Cruise Planner, simply login to your Celebrity Pre-Cruise account to make your purchases.     
  • Dinner Reservations in Cosmopolitan Restaurant. To secure a reservation and to register the names of your dining group, if applicable, email us at [email protected] and provide the guest names and desired time (5:15 pm for RED Cruise Identification Card Holders or 7:30 pm for BLUE Cruise Identification Card Holders) for your dining group. There is no charge for reserving a table and dining time, we just ask that you make your request prior to November 18, 2023.
  • Dinner Reservations in Specialty Dining Restaurants. Reservations for any Specialty Restaurant can be made online via Celebrity Cruises Pre-Cruise Planner. Simply login to your Celebrity Pre-Cruise account to make your purchases.



As a guest on either The Smooth Jazz Cruise ’24.1 or ’24.2, you have an exclusive right to rebook your current stateroom for the ’25 sailing of your cruise. This process begins in a few days and concludes on November 17, 2023, after any remaining stateroom not rebooked will be made available to guests who are not sailing in ’24. You will be receiving your rebooking information and instructions shortly.  



We will continue to provide you with more information to help you prepare for The Smooth Jazz Cruise ’24 in the coming weeks and months. In the meantime, we highly suggest reviewing our Booked Guests portal on the website.

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