Onboard Experience & Entertainment

Most of our performers will be onboard for the entire cruise. However, there may be some cases where an entertainer may join mid-trip or depart the cruise early due to other commitments.

In the rare case of an artist cancellation, we will replace the artists with new artists, whenever possible. Rest assured that in our long history of hosting these cruises, we have had very few artist cancellations. Our artists love performing on our cruises!

We do not allow the taking of photos or videos of the artists while performing as this violates our contracts with the performers. We please ask that you respect this policy, our artists, and your fellow guests.

If you see an artist who is not performing, you may ask the artist if you can take a photo. However, please keep in mind that these artists are often busy and do have the right to decline.

Every year on The Smooth Jazz Cruise, we invite guests to audition for the opportunity to perform with our resident band members under the direction of Gerey Johnson. Through a series of auditions, our celebrity judges select one guest to perform as part of our closing show.

We also occasionally schedule “Jam Sessions” for our guests and artists to play and learn alongside each other.

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