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The Celebrity Summit

“Celebrity Cruises is known for offering more sophisticated and upscale experiences, catering to
adults looking for a refined vacation without paying for a luxury line like Silversea or Regent.” 
— CRUISE blog

In choosing a ship for The Smooth Jazz Cruise, several factors are considered. The quality of the ship’s accommodations, services, food, and staff are all key factors. On those criteria, several cruise lines qualify. Driven by our focus on presenting the music of “The Greatest Party at Sea” in the finest possible manner, we focus heavily on the size, number, and variety of the ship’s performance venues. Several ships have very nice main theaters, but, as our guests know, our music is presented throughout the ship, so the size and number of secondary venues is also important.

Currently the Millennium Class ships of Celebrity Cruises provides us with the best opportunity to present our programs. Anchored by an amazing main theater (The Theatre), which seats more than half our guests at one time, those ships have significant additional performance venues (Sky Lounge, Rendezvous Lounge, Foyer, Pool Deck). And, as we saw upon our first inspection of the ships, there is an amazing bonus venue. With a little imagination, we convert the main dining room (The Cosmopolitan Restaurant) into a performance venue every afternoon and a gorgeous jazz cabaret every evening.

The Millennium Class ships of Celebrity Cruises (Summit, Infinity, Millennium, Constellation) has been our ship of choice since 2017, Since that selection, Celebrity Cruises has completed an amazing Revolution upgrade program on Celebrity Summit and Celebrity Millennium) in which each stateroom was rebuilt with advancements in technology and updated accommodations. The casual and formal dining areas have been transformed as well, giving the ship a sleeker and more contemporary look and feel. These ships continue to offer a fabulous array of dining choices, spectacular spa facilities and beautiful bars and lounges.

Jazz Cruises came for the performance venues and will stay for the upgraded staterooms and public areas. Our current plan is to continue to sail on any Millennium Class ship of Celebrity Cruises that has completed the Revolution upgrade. Every jazz band relies upon a solid rhythm section. The Millennium Class ships of Celebrity Cruises are our piano, bass and drums!

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