Andy Snitzer

A remarkable 26 years after the release of his debut album Ties That Bind, Andy Snitzer is equally passionate and unsatisfiable as a solo artist, infusing every nuance with purpose as a player, writer, producer, arranger and curator. While he often refers to his 2011 album Traveler – an epic chronicle of his years on the road – as the best record he’ll ever make, he launches his second quarter century as an artist with an album whose title says it all about his current and future intentions. Musically, artistically, aesthetically, every which way, he wants to take us “Higher.”

The follow up to his equally acclaimed 2015 album American Beauty, Higher offers a richly textured, melodically, rhythmically and atmospherically eclectic and vibey 10-track journey through a soundscape that has it all – tight and brassy, in the pocket funk, sensual romantic balladry, bluesy old school soul-jazz, balmy and exotic island and Bossa nova flavors and trippy, film score lush atmospheric expressions.

Throughout Andy’s multifaceted career – which includes 20-plus years touring the world with Paul Simon, tours with Billy Joel, performances with Sting, and touring throughout 2018 -19 with Chris Botti – Snitzer has learned the fine art and necessity of building a team with optimal collaborators.

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