Bob James

Bob James, a celebrated musician, has enchanted audiences worldwide with his music for nearly six decades. Quincy Jones discovered him at the 1963 Notre Dame Jazz Festival, leading to his debut solo album, “Bold Conceptions,” in 1963 under Mercury Records. With over 60 albums and numerous awards, James honed his skills working with Creed Taylor and contributed to hits by artists like Paul Simon, Neil Diamond, Maynard Ferguson, and Kenny Loggins.
In 1974, James launched his own album career, starting with “One,” followed by several more albums before establishing his label, Tappan Zee Records. His gold-certified album “Touchdown” featured the iconic theme “Angela” from the TV series “Taxi.” Besides “Angela,” James composed all the show’s original music. Collaborating with Earl Klugh, the duo won a Grammy┬« for “One On One” in 1980, setting smooth jazz standards. James delved into classical music with albums like “Rameau” and “The Scarlatti Dialogues.” He moved to Warner Bros Records in 1985, achieving success with “Double Vision,” a Grammy-winning collaboration with David Sanborn.
In 1990, James reunited with Harvey Mason and began the journey of fOURPLAY, a group that released numerous successful albums. Despite lineup changes, fOURPLAY remains influential.  In 2010, fOURPLAY collaborated with the New Japan Philharmonic, performing with a symphony orchestra.
James explored diverse genres, including collaborations with his daughter Hilary, Earl Klugh, and Kirk Whalum. His 2001 album “Dancing On the Water” showcased his versatility. Throughout his career, James made significant contributions to hip hop with samples of his songs, like “Nautilus” and “Take Me to the Mardi Gras.”
His music continues to evolve, reflecting his enduring influence in the world of music.
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